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Name: Jake

Age: 15

Why your computer is superkeen, or why it isnt: It isn't, it is a POS.

Do you like sushi? if so, what kinds?: Icky no.

Favorite Geek (and Picture of if possible): I consider him more of a dork, but the Tick.

Favorite Geeky Movie: Napolean Dynamite, as "eww" as that may be to some people. Spaceballs would have to be my favorite though.

Favorite Old Skool Video Game: Mario Brothers 3 for the Super nintendo. ♥ X infinity

Favorite Family Guy/futurama/Monty Python/Aquateen Quote: Too many, sorry. :(

Picture of yourself being geeky: Eh, I'm no good at photos. If you really want to see photos of me check my LJ periodically.

Random things about me you may want to know:

I waste my freetime on starcraft, roller coaster tycoon, and neopets under the account name of jakedr73. :o

That's it. I'm not very interesting. Anything you want to know, ask. :)
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