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Geekykins <3

Sit down with a cold red bull and join in on the geeky-ness

geeks, dorks and nerds & those who <3 them
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If you are a geek and a geek lover who wants nothing more than to interact with other geeks, then this community is right for you. If you like anything geeky from Adult swim to Star Wars, to computers, DDR, and geeky, nerdy glasses, then youre welcome here.

Pictures of computers, yourself being geeky, geeky pictures found on the internet, geeky comic strips, famous or non-famous Geeks or things of a similar nature are appreciated

Please Post the following about yourself upon joining:

Why your computer is superkeen, or why it isnt:
Do you like sushi? if so, what kinds?:
Favorite Geek (and Picture of if possible):
Favorite Geeky Movie:
Favorite Old Skool Video Game:
Favorite Family Guy/futurama/Monty Python/Aquateen Quote:
Picture of yourself being geeky:

and Please, Post OFTEN, and NO BEING MEAN TO OTHERS, geeks are nice to eachother, and if not, ill kick you in the shin!