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1|\|7120, \/\/007!

Name: Erin, a.k.a. Airensama Meterio, a.a.k.a. Trevah of Vladivostok
Age: 'tis classified
Why your computer is superkeen, or why it isn't: It's an entropic Dell laptop from 1999 resurrected with the pure amazingness of Ubuntu 6.06. It runs quicker than my dad's brand spanking new XP laptop.
Do you like sushi? if so, what kinds?: Cucumber, avocado and imitation crab
Favorite Geek (and Picture of if possible): My super-spockity-nimoy-bestest geekfriend, The Fredd of Ineffable Wisdom! <333!
Favorite Geeky Movie: Toss-up between anything Monty Python ever did and UHF.
Favorite Old Skool Video Game: TETRIS! I also quite enjoy BomberMan but am completely hopeless at it.
Favorite Family Guy/futurama/Monty Python/Aquateen Quote: "Angus, how're you going to get 48 million kilts into the van?" -"Ah'll have to do it in two goes!"
Picture of yourself being geeky:
Yep, that's me (and my be-<33-ed French-pressed espresso) on a normal day.
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