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it's been a long time coming .

Name: suzanne
Age: .....2..2... ;oX
Why your computer is superkeen, or why it isnt: why?-it's a mac. / why not?- it's a mac
Do you like sushi? if so, what kinds?: i could eat my weight in sushi. any form of maki, really. but i'll eat anything.
Favorite Geek (and Picture of if possible):
yes, i do understand the premise of this question. i am in no way saying that star wars is geeky.
i find that c-3po's entirely selfless nature tends to lend him towards geekocity, and i absolutely adore him for it.
..;plus, napoleon would have been way too cliche.
Favorite Geeky Movie: New York Minute
Favorite Old Skool Video Game: Master Blaster for the original NES
Favorite Family Guy/futurama/Monty Python/Aquateen Quote: Family Guy-Road to Rhode Island; Futurama-Kif Gets Knocked Up by a Notch; Monty Python- n/a [how dorky is that?]; ATHF- Jiggle Billy/Happy Time Harry
Picture of yourself being geeky:

...and i'm spent.

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